What’s The Process

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Well then, how would we work together?

We have a “step by step” process.    Our first step is to meet individually to

discuss your own situation and establish whether an ongoing adviser/client

relationship will be appropriate for both parties.  This meeting is conducted without charge or obligation.

The next step is to agree to work together.  Having established that we will work together, and  agreed upon the terms through which you will employ us as your adviser, then our work begins on Your Financial Plan!


In order to give you the comprehensive financial advice we have discussed, we follow a detailed process which requires us to –   complete a range of initial and on-going work tasks and; provide a range of initial and ongoing services.


To understand your needs and resources we conduct in-depth fact-finding interview/s. We need to gain a thorough understanding of your financial situation (current and potential financial resources) and lifestyle goals and objectives. We want to be in the best possible position from which to provide your recommendations.


Using all of the information gathered, we decide upon your Investment Profile and undertake a series of ‘Financial Plan Models’ in order to design, write, prepare and present the financial plan  that is individually tailored for you!


Most importantly, on an on-going basis we provide strategic and product advice, regular reviews and a package of related services.  In addition to regular information via Newsletters, Seminar presentations and other media, regular monitoring of your progress is essential for your financial well-being.  Reviews will allow us to discuss with you the latest trends and information and to make the most appropriate adjustments to your financial plans to ensure they stay on track!


If you have any questions, simply complete the contact form below!




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