We Are Awash With Debt, So You Need A Debt Reduction Solution!

By ,  Thursday, May 5th, 2016

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“We Are Awash With Debt”.

That was the opening line from an article only written in September 2012.

Taken directly from this article written and published by Bigpond Money – Finance News (Matthew King) “It is a deep addiction, one that is common across the western world. It has been estimated that the total Australian debt comes to just over $4 trillion. Some $174,000 for every man, woman and child.

In our name, our governments have committed us to over $475 billion worth of debt. Of this, Commonwealth government debt accounts for over $239 billion, local councils, the states, territories and government instrumentalities the rest.

But debt permeates every level of our society, from the much loved credit card and home loan, to the debt that pays for our courts, fighter planes and garbage collection.

Estimates place total private debt at over $3.5 trillion. Comprising $2 trillion of debt generated by business and investment funds and $1.574 trillion by households. Which, for the first time, makes total household debt worth more that our entire Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

A great portion of this personal debt is home mortgages, but of course a significant proportion is made up of credit card debt and other personal loans.

Pretty scary isn’t it?  Well, I guess you may or may not have known these numbers..but chances are you have been feeling the results of our addiction with debt.  If you have and your overall debts are causing you pain, anxiety and stress, then the only answer is to take action to rectify it!

Perhaps you’ve been arguing with your creditors over the phone on a regular basis..trying to stave off their harsh and intimidating threats and emotional tactics.  This course of regular contact is probably wearing you down…May even be causing arguments between you and your spouse?

It is difficult to know what moves to make, because often your credit card companies…and even sometimes your home loan provider..just aren’t very helpful in providing long-term solutions…All they seem to care about is getting their money…they don’t care less about your other creditors..in fact, they don’t really care about you..All they want is their money!

Take Charge Of The Solution

So, if you don’t take action to find a viable solution..A debt reduction solution…no-one will and your money problems only get worse.

The answer is to find a trusted professional adviser…someone with expertise and experience with debt…And get the answers you deserve.

No matter how bad your situation may be..there is always a solution.  I’ve found that more often than not..clients think their particular situation is a lot worse than it actually is..and the solutions are much easier than they imagined.

But regardless..you need professional advice!

We have a specialty in debt and providing debt solutions. We’ll hold an obligation free and totally confidential personal consultation with you.  From that consultation we’ll be able to give you a ‘high-level’ observation about how we may be able to solve your debt issues.

Once we have all of the relevant information, we’ll take way you information and thoroughly analyse your circumstances and using our specialist financial modelling software, we will design a tailormade ‘Pay Off Your Debt Solution’ for you.  We will then present your debt solution and fully explain all of the components, the fees, our responsibilities as well as yours…And then with your permission, we’ll start your debt recovery journey!

The debt solutions may involve debt consolidation, re-financing and/or it may simply be forming a suitable re-payment arrangement that provides some debt relief and makes the re-payment amount much more affordable…It really doesn’t matter so long as you get what you need…A debt reduction and re-payment plan that puts you back in control of your money…And your life!

If you need help in taking back control of your financial life..to get your debts paid off and your personal budget back where it should be, then don’t hesitate to call us…We know how to help and get your debts paid off fast..and get your ‘peace of mind’ …and your life back!

Kind Regards

Mark McInerney

0400 590 040

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