Things You May Ask

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Take back control of your financial life…get back your peace of mind…And start enjoying your life again. For feeling in control of our lives brings the peace of mind we all want so badly.  And feeling like we have little or no control of our money management, can make life a lot less fun.

Even just beginning on your journey to getting debt help can make a huge difference to your inner peace!


So, why do I need a Financial Planner to help me?        

The object of financial planning is to move people closer towards financial independence.  Whether we like it or not, we are all on this journey trying to accumulate enough money to provide us with the lifestyle we require.  In order to achieve financial independence, it takes more than just paying out debts and saving money, it takes active planning and ongoing review….with the help of a financial planner.  A professional who has the Knowledge, Skill and Time.  But the reality is that you you do have to get your debts controlled first!

Knowledge is power!; But it’s often been quoted that a little bit of knowledge is ….dangerous. Taking back control of your financial life is not just about knowing how money’s about knowing how to match the most appropriate debt control strategies with the knowledge and understanding the power of negotiation.

Most people are so busy making a living we don’t have the time (or the inclination), to keep up to date with all of the knowledge you require about the financial world, including government legislation and taxation changes, to be able to make the right strategy choices.

We are committed to an intensive education program, which ensures our industry knowledge and awareness of current legal issues are impeccable.  We have access to refined information technology and communication processes, facilitating global communication and enabling us to access changes in financial markets, products, debt relief and money management strategies as soon as they occur.


Okay then, how much will it all cost me?

Nothing, if you look at our services from the same perspective as we do. That’s the difference between a cost and an investment.

Everything you do with Your Financial Life is a true investment in your financial future. Not only will you be able to pay off your unwanted debt and control your money…once your debts are back in your control, we’ll help to build your wealth back..and protect it!

Our philosophy revolves around your continual education and involvement, so you’ll end up with a sound wealth creation education which will be continually up-dated.

Once we have met and discussed your own situation, we will provide you with a firm costing for our services.  However, you may expect that you’ll need to initially invest from $880 to $9,900 depending upon the complexity and level of work required.

This will encompass all costs including detailed written Financial Plan Recommendations and Implementation…But in most cases all, or nearly all of your fees can be paid for from ‘money you never knew you had’ (More Money For You-Proprietory Information) which we will happily discuss at our free consultation.




Are there any Guarantees?

Yes!  As a valued client we will deliver our services to you in the most professional and friendly way!  We will always place your needs ahead of our own, continually deliver friendly caring service, contact you if your debt control strategy requires review and always listen to your concerns and requests.

Our Unique and Exclusive 100% Money Back Guarantee, provides that….

 It’s simple really….So long as you follow our advice, guidance and counsel…If we don’t achieve our stated objectives by and at each review period…We will refund 100 % of our fees!

That’s not something you’ll find (in writing) with many other financial planning organisations!






What have your results been?

Through our Financial Planning process, not only have we been re-organising clients’ affairs so they achieve many of their financial objectives for over 16 years.

We’ve been regularly saving clients $2000 to $30,000 a year or more in unnecessary loan interest, taxes and hidden, (as well as obvious) wasteful expenses!

After re-organising our clients money and where necessary negotiating with the banks, stores and credit card companies we’ve changed peoples financial lives…forever!

For other clients we have ensured that their investment portfolio’s benefit from the most suited asset mix for them and the best strategies for their own unique circumstances.  In most cases this has meant improved performance and overall results, which means that they build their nest egg and create their wealth in the quickest and safest way, which is most appropriate for them!

All of our clients usually…… Reduce their personal and/or business taxation; Increase the long-term returns on their invested money; Have their finances structured in the most tax and social security effective manner; Reduce the administration burden (and time commitment), they experience in managing their finances and insurances; And ultimately increase the level of income they can draw upon, from both their own investments and where appropriate from social security.

All this means they Have More Money in Their Lives!


If you have any questions, simply complete the contact form below!







Get your a copy of our FREE Debt Relief Report Today....Getting started taking back control of your money and paying off your debt is easier than you think!