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Recently I had gotten myself into financial difficulty and needed help.  I was using a debt payment organisation who were taking nearly all of my money from me to repay debts I had let get out of control.

My car was off the road, I had my son’s school fees to pay and I was behind in both my rent and debt payments.  I felt lost and depressed, not knowing if I would have a place to live let alone which school my son would end up attending.

My problems started when my wife left me.  We were your typical couple, owned our home with a large mortgage, car loans and credit and store card debt.  Once we split, and after selling the house, all I was left with was my car, some household items and school fees to pay.

I felt miserable and through my own stupidity started to spend money I didn’t have.  It wasn’t too long before all my credit cards were maxed out and all my money was going to pay off ‘minimal’ payments. I regularly didn’t even pay this.

With the help of the team at Your Financial Life we were able to find me $5,000, money I didn’t even know I had.  This money put my car back on the road, paid my son’s school fees and gave me breathing space with the debt payment organisation.  It made me feel great even relaxed, I was on top again.

The other thing they did was reinvigorate my budget and showed me not only how I can pay my debts but also save some money in the long run.

Not only are they budgeting specialists but also a fully qualified licenced financial planners and with their experience and knowledge provided me so much more than just doing a budget.


If you have a similar situation to me or need any help with debts issues, budgeting or anything financial, the team at Your Financial Life can help.  Getting involved with them and taking their advice was a no brainer for me. Once you have spoken to YFL, it will be for you too.

Norwood S.A.


I had been a financial planning client of Your Financial Life for a good few years; They are looking after my superannuation for me.  In one of our review sessions I confided in my adviser the financial difficulties I was having.

My problems started years earlier.  I had a great job and high income but with two daughters in private school, a mortgage and what I called uncontrollable credit card debt ($7,000) I felt out of control.   Big mortgage, a car loan and credit card debt, sound familiar?  I wondered if this is how life was supposed to be.  I felt miserable and thought there has to be a better way.

Amazingly, they helped me find money that I didn’t realise I had..just over $7,000!  It was just enough to pay off my credit cards and take the pressure off!

My planners advice helped me get my life back on track by streamlining my budget into compartments.  He said to me,

“Every cent of your money has to have a home and you need to use all of your money.”

Now that I live by this mantra I am able to live a great life, free of financial worry.  The budgeting system I now use not only provides me with what I need but I’m saving money now as well.

They showed me that money needs time to work for you and that you can achieve financial well being no matter where you start out.  As he continually says, you just need to know where all of your money is, and where it goes all of the time.

I’m very fortunate that I’m now in control of my debt, actually saving money and I feel very confident about the future..And that’s all thanks to the team at Your Financial Life!

I have no hesitation in telling everyone to call YFL to help you get your debts under control and show you how to save money..And feel great about life again!

Prospect S.A.





I have been a financial planning client of Your Financial Life for nearly 10 years; They look after my super for me.  Recently I lost my job and my wife & I found ourselves in a bit of a financial pickle, we only had a few months of cash reserves to get us by.

Your Financial Life was able to find us another 6 weeks’ worth of living expenses.  This has given us the breathing space to find work and provide for our family.

With their advice we feel confident we can get our lives back on track.  The pressure is off a little.

If you have any financial difficulties I am confident the team at Your Financial Life can assist with them and make your future prosperous again.

Adelaide S.A.





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