Retirement Planning

Getting your finances right in retirement is critical, if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle

When approaching retirement, an important consideration is how to invest your savings, including superannuation,so that you are able to replace your wage with regular income throughout retirement.

Typically, retirees face a ‘double-edged sword..They need to invest their retirement savings in such a way as to provide regular income and sufficient capital growth so that their capital lasts as long as possible…Ideally for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, this is your ‘Nest Egg’ and in retirement you can’t afford large reductions in your capital over extended periods of time due to major downturns in any capital (shares or property) market!

So, you have some very important decisions to be made..and you will need some help and guidance in balancing your needs and wants. This is a prime time to seek the counsel and advice of a financial planner!


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