Step 3 – Action, Monitor, Review, Achieve

Now we take action.  We begin putting into play each part of your Financial Life Plan.  As each strategy (discussion, negotiation, application, account setup, deduction, bill payment, loan re-payments, tax planning) is meant to will!

Of course, there are some tasks you will need to carry out (with our guidance), but in most cases we’ll not only provide the services, guidance and advice, we’ll implement the advice strategies as well.  So, other than ensuring that you know what is happening, where you are going and you are comfortable with your progress, we’ll do most of what’s needed to get you back in control!

And, at every step you are completely in the loop.  Each month, a statement is sent to you so you know exactly what monies have come in and what has gone out, so you can keep a running tally and monitor your plan all along the way.

Each quarter, a balance sheet statement is provided to give you a picture of your current debt and investment position. And, every 6 months we arrange a formal meeting to review the progress of your financial plan towards your debt repayment goals and other objectives.  This way, even though we may be doing the bulk of the work, you are totally in control of your financial plan…And well on the way to being back in control of your actual finances!

Naturally, you don’t have to wait for the formal 6 monthly review meeting if you want to check on something….just call us and we’ll be happy to chat..and if you feel its necessary, we’ll meet to discuss.





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