Step 2 – Present Solutions, Explain Process, Detail Responsibilities, Begin Work

Time to present your Financial Life Plan!

If you are really to get back in control of your money and your life, it’s critical that you truly understand what’s involved and how each piece, each action fits with each other.  We take our time to explain how this works and our experience allows us to show and demonstrate what may at first appear a little complex, into a relatively simple plan of actions.

We’ll explain how and why your plan will work..And we’ll explain how the services we provide at each stage of your plan will ensure that each objective is reached.

As we said Your Plan is provided FREE of charge and it is.. It’s yours to take and implement totally yourself if you choose.  However, you may find that our experience, knowledge and expertise will be a significant difference and in very many cases the only reason that real debt relief and money management success is achieved.

For example, there is often the need for negotiation with the banks, credit card companies and department stores…to assist in the clearing of these debts.  Many clients find this task very stressful and indeed very challenging, particularly trying to communicate with some of these creditors belligerent staff .  We know the how and who necessary to overcome most of the issues and successfully negotiate good outcomes.

Once you are satisfied that you know what is going on and how your plan will work , how our fees work and how you can pay those fees: And your comfortable with how we will work on your behalf, we’ll seek your agreement to begin!

Of course, even though we’ll be carrying out a lot of the work on your behalf, in clearing those debts and saving you money, you’ll be kept fully informed at every step along the way!

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