Debt & Budget Management & Control Advice and Implementation

Managing your finances to meet your Day to Day requirements as well as your long-term goals can be a complex task.

Whether it be debt against your home, investment property or a margin loan for a parcel of shares (gearing); understanding the features, structures, risks and benefits of debt will significantly help in managing your debt effectively.

We will consider every item of debt, analyse your total financial picture, including all of and the types of debts, your assets and income opportunities in determining the right approach for your unique financial circumstances.

Then a range of the most appropriate strategies which may include debt consolidation, debt recycling and the management of your repayments will be presented and with your permission implemented.

 The Steps

Consult – Explain our services and overview the range of ideas and strategies available and the likely fees & costs that may be involved.  then discuss and gain information about your complete financial circumstances.

Analyse, Research, Model & Plan – Take away all of the details discussed during the consultation to analyse & research.  Taking into consideration your own circumstances, needs, wants and concerns we then model the various ideas and strategies to determine the most appropriate recommendations and best possible outcomes for you.

Present Plan & Implement – Having prepared your debt repayment & control blueprint, we now present it and with your permission implement the plan.


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