Debt Repayment & Relief Negotiation

Understanding the financial stress and pressure many clients are under when they start work with us, one of our first concerns is to as quickly as possible, increase your free cashflow and improve your immediate finances..and therefore your lifestyle!

This often requires negotiating better repayment terms with your creditors (banks, credit card companies and others).  This will normally include the reduction of the repayment instalment amount or reduction of balances owed and/or both!

We have skilled and experienced specialists who have enjoyed a lot of success over many years in obtaining much improved debt & repayment terms for clients. When and wherever necessary we will employ these specialists to act on your behalf  to relieve the financial pressures and assist in getting you back in control of your finances and your life!

 The Steps

Our specialists work with haste to contact and interact with your various creditors to commence amicable discussions and ultimately agree upon favourable repayment arrangements for you.

Discuss With Creditors – Explain your entire financial circumstances, seeking their understanding and empathy as well as their opinion as to their ability to retrieve their capital and their preferred debt repayment approach.

Present Our Preferred Arrangements – Discuss our approach and preferred outcomes and where necessary push our negotiations, ultimately leading to you receiving the most beneficial results.

Present Final Outcome – Having completed all negotiations to their final conclusion, we present to results and final plan update which outlines your expected debt repayment results.


Get your a copy of our FREE Debt Relief Report Today....Getting started taking back control of your money and paying off your debt is easier than you think!