How We Work

Step 1 – Meet, Discover, Understand, Analyse

Your Financial Life wants to assist everyone that we can to take back control of their financial lives…To help you repay your debts and take charge of your budget…To get your ‘Peace of Mind’ back…And Your life! Ultimately once you are back in control, we want to assist your to grow your wealth and achieve your own unique financial life objectives! We have seen it all before and we know

Step 2 – Present Solutions, Explain Process, Detail Responsibilities, Begin Work

Time to present your Financial Life Plan! If you are really to get back in control of your money and your life, it’s critical that you truly understand what’s involved and how each piece, each action fits with each other.  We take our time to explain how this works and our experience allows us to show and demonstrate what may at first appear a little complex, into a relatively simple

Step 3 – Action, Monitor, Review, Achieve

Now we take action.  We begin putting into play each part of your Financial Life Plan.  As each strategy (discussion, negotiation, application, account setup, deduction, bill payment, loan re-payments, tax planning) is meant to will! Of course, there are some tasks you will need to carry out (with our guidance), but in most cases we’ll not only provide the services, guidance and advice, we’ll implement the advice strategies as


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