Credit Card Debt Over Christmas and New Year

By ,  Friday, March 3rd, 2017

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Well, that’s what this time of year should be..Many will be taking some well earned leave and will be sharing time and having lots of fun with family and friends.

Whilst not everyone will have long holiday breaks, almost all of us look forward to enjoying this festive season.

Even those who don’t celebrate christmas, still enjoy the happiness this time of year brings…And that’s the way it should be!

What About The Presents

Many of us enjoy both giving and receiving gifts, and of course for most of us this is gift overload time….Both Ways! It does make us feel good to give..BUT…the question we must all ask ourselves before we start our spending is…“Can I Afford These Things”?

If you haven’t got the cash to purchase the goods, then putting it on credit cards, in very many cases, probably means you really can’t afford it.  It’s easy to buy the goods with credit…But it’s a lot harder to pay back that debt when the bills and credit card statements start coming in the early new year!

Is It A Need Or A Want?

And its not just Christmas presents…It’s the New Year sales as well!  There are some genuine bargains to be had in the New Year Sales, but can we afford it.   And another question is “Do We Really Need It”?   It may be cheap to buy…but its still an expense that you have to meet..And if you don’t really need it, you’ve spent money for no good reason.  There is a difference between a need and a want!

Business Outlook Not As Rosy As It Was A Few Years Ago

According to Dun & Bradstreet’s latest Consumer Credit Expectations Survey, Australian businesses may see consumers tighten the purse strings in the lead-up to Christmas, with non-essential spending expected to fall as consumer concern about financial security rises.

Whilst it’s not great for retail or those without a job or those working less than they would like…I think it’s terrific for consumers..You & I.

That means we are all thinking a little more clearly about our money and our real needs.  It also means that less of us will be waking up to see huge credit card debts in February / March that we accumulated in December / January…And that is good news!

Enjoy Your Family Friends & Loved Ones

It is lovely to receive and give presents..But I think you’ll agree that the joy and happiness we experience from the closeness, caring and love we give and receive, gives us much more pleasure than any material possession.

I sincerely hope that you only spend what you can afford and that you have a wonderful time over this christmas period.  Enjoy the fun, happiness and goodwill that Christmas and the New Year brings!

Happy Christmas

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