Things You May Ask?

Important Questions For You

I know you probably have a number of questions, particularly about us and how we work? To help you, we've provided two pieces of information about working with 'Your Financial Life' and some client comments. Hope this helps.

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What's The Process?

It's All About Debt Relief

Our number one job is to help you to take back control…Control of your money..Control of your debts..Control of your life! We understand how you can get into money trouble..We've heard it all before...What's important is that we really know how to solve debt problems.

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Your Success Decision!

It's Easier than You Think

This is the short but powerful description of the product 1. Please read it carefully so you will get the most of it. Make sure to re-read it if you get confused.I know you probably have a number of questions, particularly about us and how we work?

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Welcome to Your Financial Life – Debt Solutions, Australia


Welcome to our site.  Our aim is to help you and all Australians to take back control of your money..To repay as much of your credit card debts as quickly as possible and get your financial life …and your ‘peace of mind’ back!

We have been assisting Australians with their money, budgeting, saving and wealth creation & protection for over 25 years.  If you need help with your credit card debt…then you are at the right place!

We provide a wide range of advice and debt solutions, all custom designed to your particular and unique financial circumstances. These services include debt consolidation, negotiations & debt relief, re-payment strategy design & implementation and tailored budgeting all aimed at putting more money back into your life and to make your financial life..and your personal life…easier and much more enjoyable!

American writer and founder of Success Magazine, Dr. Orrison Swett Marden said, “…Your twin enemies are …fear and worry.”

He identified FEAR and WORRY as the two most powerful enemies of ‘peace of mind’, health and prosperity..“because they undermine everything”!

“They undermine self-esteem, self image, self confidence, relationships, concentration, proper digestion of food and sleep…They have the ability to affect almost every area of our life”!

I agree…I’ve witnessed this phenomenon..I’ve seen these enemies attack some friends and some clients too…And I don’t like it one little bit!  That’s why I want to help you too to get out of debt as fast as you can..So you can say goodbye to fear and worry forever!

There are many reasons for financial stress.  Some of these are definitely our own fault…some not.  Perhaps we’ve made some mistakes…Made some unwise purchase decisions or through a lapse of our better judgement, got ourselves into a debt cycle that has overtaken our ability to cope.  The debts have grown so big…so quickly….that we just can’t keep up.  So, yes, perhaps a lot of it may be our own fault…But not all of it!

At this point..the reasons are not all that important..yesterday is gone and we can only do something about today, which can prevent a repeat for tomorrow!

So, why not let Your Financial Life help you to take back control & relief..put your budget in order, start repaying your debts properly and quickly so you can blast away all of the interest you are paying.  Let us help you to pay back those debts quickly, put more money back into your cashflow and budget, take away that Fear & Worry AND give you back ‘peace of mind’…Get you back in control of your finances…And your life!




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